As I grew up in her arms,
My tiny fingers wrapped in her palm
Devoid of worry, devoid of fear
It was indeed a feeling so secure

Assuming roles many in number
With all the strength that none can encumber
Like a shadow, Like a guide
she stood by my side, when I lost my way in the journey of life
Like a saint, like a healer, she calmed my disturbed mind
Like a mentor, like a teacher, she would set right my faults that she would find

Unflinching like a mighty rock against the wind of troubles
Shining like the moonlight in the dark sky so that I never stumbled
Spoken or unspoken, my desires and dreams may be
Like a fairy with her magic wand, fulfilling them this lady would be
With passage of time and separation in distance, all I have at easy access,
is my photo book whose pages I would flip in silence

Standing out of the pages of my photo book
Is this beautiful, elegant woman with this look
Filled with innocence and unfailingly bearing a smile
so angelic and beaming with magnanimity amid all her pains,
her pleasant face lit up like the morning sun with all the warmth
She is the one who can be replaced by none,
Such is my mother, who leads a life worthy of reverence
Such is the lady from the photo book of my life